Impact: PwC's intern festival

PwC / George P. Johnson Experience Marketing


Team-Building Event of the Year - Winner

GPJ partnered with PwC to completely reimagine an experience aimed at securing their most precious resource – their employees. 

Every year, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) interns culminate their Intern Development Program with an excursion to The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, with the aim of convincing them to accept a full-time offer with the firm. As its new event agency partner, GPJ was tasked with completely rethinking this crucial event that had remained relatively unchanged for 19 years. 

GPJ worked closely with PwC to reimagine this Disney tradition into an iconic brand experience. The aims were to highlight PwC’s brand and differentiate it from the other Big 4 firms, drive an increase in full-time offer acceptance rates and immerse more than 4,000 interns in the possibilities of their future with PwC.

GPJ began by developing an entirely new event strategy, rooted in turning ‘Impact’ into a festival of ideas and possibilities. Every aspect of this new three-day event was designed to allow interns to shape their own experience and celebrate their plans and goals for themselves, the firm and their communities. To drive stronger participation among the high-achieving and highly-competitive audience, a layer of gamification was also developed and applied to the whole event.

On the ground, GPJ transformed the event from a series of small group experiences over the course of weeks into a single, unified event that took over Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. The result was PwC’s largest intern event, and the largest gathering of PwC leadership, ever.

“Did a really good job of identifying the business and event objectives up front and recognising the opportunity to provide a sea change around this event’s design and impact. The customisation, audience segmentation and the attendee journey were all well thought out.”

“Excellent approach taken to differentiate PwC from competitors. Great ideas from the opening of the event to the Impact Zone. The event gets high marks for having a programme and activities that appealled to the target audience. Also liked how PwC’s culture was integrated in all aspects of the programme.”

“Impressed that they managed to completely transform an event that had been stationary for 19 years - clearly shows some creativity.”

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