The Streets of Miami

American Guest / Civica


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY - The Streets of Miami
International IT company sought our thoughts for a unique Miami incentive experience. 
Client’s goal: awe, inspire and motivate. 
Our thinking was to break them away from any IT comfort zone and show Miami through the senses.
Craft unique, immersive touch points within activities; creating surprise experiences 
Artistic Immersion
Our strategy: utilize Miami’s colors, aromas and artists to immerse guests. 
An outdoor brunch at Wynwood Kitchen set the senses in motion 
While dining, local graffiti artists began painting a 5’x5’ canvas for a one-of-a-kind company branding mural.
Guests donned artist smocks and, with their own easel, paints and brushes, used sight and touch, to experience the thrill of creating their own art. 100 % engagement. 
Later guests proudly displayed their art, shared artistic ‘tips’ and marveled at the company mural. 
Buy-in on moving technocrats away from an IT comfort zone toward touch and feel zones. Creating tangible product to inspire 
The Miami Motorcade
Transfers are seldom anything special. Yet to us, an opportunity to ‘wow’.
 oSurprise guests with 30 vintages ‘50’s and ‘60’s model cars lining the hotel driveway
 oParade cars and passengers on famed Collins Avenue and Ocean Drive while the street audience were awed 
 oTravel all 30 cars in a single ‘conga’ line to and from dinner 
 oHype the experience: State Trooper escort with emergency lights 
 oTransfer to and from dinner: a show stopper! 
Craft a show-within-a-show.
Every element must be in sync: 30 vintage cars, staging and movement, police escort
American Guest checked off every box with an awesome, immersive and sensory evening with the client the star in their own show.
Client Reaction
Absolute immersion. Outside of comfort zone. Car parade a raving success. Police escort took it over the top.

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