EA Sports Internal Celebration of APEX Legends and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

TAG / EA Sports


TAG is an independent travel and event management company. Its global divisions – Corporate Travel, Touring, Film & Media, Events and Private Clients– tailor travel and B2B events for international corporations, entertainment tours and luxury travellers from 10 worldwide offices. In 2019 the Events team expanded to Los Angeles, in their first year they smashed all expectations, targets and became a player to ‘watch out for’ in 2020.

When TAG secured new client EA Sport, they were tasked to create a celebratory event with a twist. Respawn Entertainment had been acquired by EA Sports and a unique brief was obtained; to combine both divisions at the annual party and celebrate the internal release of their two new games: ‘Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order’ and ‘APEX Legends’.

Respawn were used to heading to Hawaii for their annual celebration, therefore TAG needed to impress! Meeting the criteria meant finding the right venue to style in the theme of the games as well as bringing the new company together.

Being creative was essential and artistic theming ideas were executed. The car park was transformed into ‘APEX World’. Guests were immersed in the game through detailed production and crafty styling and entered through the mouth of a 15ft dinosaur head! The company logo projected onto the building, graffiti painted the walls, large props related to the game; shipping containers, scenic greenery and giant wooden barrels matched the gaming scenes.

The warehouse was converted into a galactic space, relating to the Star Wars game. Guests sipped on drinks resembled in the game, Jedi warrior battles broke out on the dancefloor and Storm Troopers amazed the guests.

Challenges arose; a double booking at the venue and hugely increased numbers.

Succeeding in launching the games whilst providing creative entertainment and securing a repeat client demonstrates TAG’s ongoing success.

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