Samsung Unpacked 2H 2019

INVNT / Samsung


Sector Specific Event of the Year - Winner

Global electronics brand, Samsung and its dedicated marketing agency, Cheil Worldwide, were seeking to return to New York City for their Unpacked 2019 launch, where they had big plans to unveil their Galaxy Note10 and Note10+, along with their updated S Pen, Galaxy Watch Active2 and Galaxy Book S devices to an audience of tech experts, media and influencers. 

For this event in particular, Samsung and Cheil wanted to create a holistic, engaging and warm experience for its live and virtual audiences from start to finish. 

Unpacked featured a series of immersive, design-led scenes which spoke to the Samsung brand across all touchpoints. 

The arena keynote presentation officially began with a show of light, sound and crisp visuals, where branded content was projected against two arches measuring 43.2m long by 25.6m tall, which covered more than 25,000 sq. ft and almost 4,000 sq. ft of LED. The arches formed to create a ‘cathedral,’ a concept that created a 'sense of warmth and togetherness'.

On conclusion of the arena launch, guests explored the Galaxy Experience Journey, which featured eight interactive experience zones inspired by the stories and themes that were revealed during the keynote, all designed and produced by Cheil and INVNT. 

The event involved a team of more than 800, who joined forces to bring the experience, which utilised over 600 light fixtures, 200+ ChainMaster hoists and over 4,000 feet of truss. It was an immense success overall, with high levels of social engagement and extensive media coverage garnered.


“Absolutely amazing demonstration of a tech event. Very impressive.”
“This submission blew me away! I loved the theme "Journey of Light". The production for this event is very extensive and captivated lots of color for the attendee experience. Great work!”
“Awesome all-round immersive connectivity to objectives. Execution looked stunning. Great"

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