Samsung Unpacked 1H 2020

INVNT / Samsung


For Galaxy Unpacked 1H at San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts, Samsung and Cheil Worldwide, the brand’s executive marketing agency based in Seoul, Korea wanted to launch the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Buds+ devices.

Additionally—and importantly—they wanted to showcase the photo and video capture capabilities of the new Galaxy S20 in a way that would engage a millennial audience.

Samsung and Cheil recognize that millennials are a tech savvy demographic who utilize their smartphones on the go. They rely on them to fulfil all manner of tasks day in, day out, and subsequently need a device that can seamlessly complement all aspects of their lives.

So, how could we showcase how Samsung’s devices achieve this? By shifting the Samsung Unpacked livestream experience from one that utilized studio cameras to mobile devices to reflect millennials’ dynamic lifestyle.

In a world-first, the entire Unpacked event was captured with Galaxy S20 devices—all livestream footage came courtesy of the Galaxy S20. The move represented a new era for the smartphone, highlighting it’s now possible for millennials—and all consumers—to have superior quality, broadcast grade software and hardware at their fingertips.

Many launch events showcase the features and benefits of new products, yet they don’t put these functionalities into practice on a such a large scale, and in real time. This bold approach enabled live and virtual audiences in their millions to experience the photo and video capture capabilities of the Galaxy S20 in both an immersive and practical way.

In addition to revealing the new devices, the livestream captured event highlights including the announcement of partnerships with Netflix—Samsung’s exclusive partner for mobile entertainment, and Thom Browne, which showcased that high fashion and high-tech go hand in hand.

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