Event Company of the Year - Large -  Winner

Headquartered in New York City, INVNT’s vision is to be the best live brand storytelling agency in the world. In 2019 their revenues grew by more than 20% to over $66million, and they employ 100+ INVNTrs. 

The company is culture crazy, and have implemented various incentives and programs for employees since their launch in 2008. These include; ‘Tribe Live’ update calls and a face-to-face company annual meeting where everyone flies to NYC, flexible working including ‘chill days’ following busy on-site periods, eligible employees gain stock in the business, and each INVNTr receives a clear progression plan when they join us, a move that ensures employees are constantly challenged and acquiring new skills. 

Highlights over the last 12 months include launching content studio, HEVĒ. Its USP lies in its ability to leverage predictive analytics to understand how an idea, video or campaign will perform before it runs, by leveraging algorithmic formulas to create highly-personalised and targeted campaigns. Meanwhile, the wheels were firmly in motion to acquire brand strategy firm, Folk Hero (announced in February 2020). These enhanced capabilities enable their clients to leverage their combined brand strategy, live and digital brand storytelling services. 

Their work and people featured in 1,665 articles - a 206% increase on 2018 - and they won 26 awards (and were nominated for another 11), including Experiential Agency of the Year at The Drum Agency Business Awards US. Meanwhile, their work with Samsung on their Unpacked launch in NYC received a Gold for Event Production of the Year at The Drum Experience Awards.

“INVNT crafted a quality submission here, showing momentum and financial growth throughout - from company culture, to acquisition and service expansion, to marquee client work, to commitment to both results and awards in the industry. Appreciate the versatility and breadth expressed in the entry - with an emphasis on cultivating strength of culture at the core of their innovation.”

“I didn't know a lot about this company coming into judging these awards however they have quickly gained my attention and respect for the work they are doing. Solid focus on innovation and unique USP with their predictive analytics and how they understand the success of an idea or campaign prior to its release. Love their future forward-thinking, growth strategy and flexible work environment built around the power of its employees. Great agency, great culture, inspiring work!”

“INVNT clearly are one of the leaders in creative events and investment into their staffing. Keeping AMEX points is huge, so I really like that they do this for their staff. They won a lot of new clients in the past year which was very impressive.”

“A strong brand in our industry, INVNT has produced some envy-worthy events. Its move into brand strategy is a smart one that will position it without competitors in our industry. A strong contender.”

“Powerful content, data driven solutions and case studies showcased strong creative execution.”

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