George P. Johnson Experience Marketing

George P. Johnson is the partner you call on when you want a big idea, executed flawlessly. It’s been that way for 106 years, and it’s still true today. We’re a truly global agency, and part of a global network of 13 complementary agencies – Project Worldwide. As such, our scale and reach are unmatchable. We’re also vertically integrated, with all the capabilities you need under one roof – from strategy and design, to virtual events and live broadcast, to fabrication, digital content, live production and analytics.

As an experiential agency, we produce thousands of live, digital and hybrid events every year. Since March, we’ve been guiding and advising our clients as 100% of their events have gone online. We’ve been producing remote and hybrid events for more than a dozen years, and have a deep bench of talent; from strategists, experience designers, producers, content creators and live broadcast specialists, to advise, guide and execute for our clients.

We’re called upon as experts in the industry by Event Marketer, Forbes, Chief Marketer, Exhibitor Magazine, Rolling Stone, Fortune, and more for interviews on our creative work and industry trends. Our creative work is also well represented with awards such as the Clio Awards, the Chief Marketer Pro Awards, The Communicator Awards and many more.

Finally, we’re an employee-owned company. As such, each individual has an active stake in our achievement and growth. Our people are our best asset, and our benefits and company culture reflect that. From unlimited flexible time off, to career pathing and training, to giving back, fun committees and employee resource groups, our people find ways to grow together and have a great time along the way.

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