Genesys Xperience 2019

TEN6 Creative / Genesys


Conference of the Year - Winner

When CX giants Genesys approached TEN6 Creative to once again bring their annual convention to life, the brief was simple: create the customer experience event of the year. 

With this partnership now entering its fourth year, TEN6 brought a wealth of knowledge and understanding of both Genesys and the wider industry allowing them to successfully devise a brand-new format for the event, including reaching a record-breaking global audience through live-streaming for the first time. Accumulating in 2,599 live attendees and a further 14,000+ live stream views.

With Genesys customers, partners and employees gathering for educational sessions, sponsorship exhibitions, networking activities and a jam-packed general session agenda in Denver, Colorado, TEN6 was tasked to deliver four days of impactful, memorable experiences in line with the Genesys brand and values. 

The result was Xperience 2019, their most engaging and immersive event to-date. Unanimously the audience feedback was incredible, and the most common comment was that it’s the best event they have ever been to or experienced. 

110% of sponsorship opportunities were sold in record time, resulting in a total of 62 sponsors, from 42 countries. And what’s more, there was a 14% saving of budget year-on-year.

Keith Pearce, SVP - Corporate Marketing, Genesys, said: “We changed the name of the event this year, and we set a really high bar and called it Xperience, so we wanted people who came here to have an experience that they couldn’t have anywhere else. But the number one thing we hear people say is ‘you really created a moment for us that we didn’t have anywhere else’ and working with TEN6 is central to that.”

“The brand design of the experience is solid and executed much more strongly than for comparable brands and the storyline around staging obstacles and attendance KPIs are well-positioned.”

“TEN6 accomplished an impressive feat capturing the emotional moments of the conference with energy, inspiration and even comedy. From managing through a smaller budget with a higher attendee count, a unique location with limited external services, dozens of rooms and spaces to design. Ten6 did a terrific job bringing Colorado inside and creating a destination for attendees to interact, learn and engage over four days. And the feedback and testimonials show the attendee journey and impacts on behavior were on point.”

“The challenges they were presented with, they clearly overcame extremely well. Wellness and social media are super important in events now, so I liked that they had designated areas for these. Their results were impressive. Overall it seemed like a very enjoyable conference to attend.”

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