GEM Club 2019: Scotland

Motivation Excellence


The Bar Is Already HIGH
 Taking our longtime healthcare client on their first international GEM Club experience was an incredible pleasure! Overcoming challenges and delivering an impactful, wow-filled adventure made this particular incentive travel event a bar-raiser, and believe us, the bar was already high! Motivation Excellence has proudly partnered with this client for 16 years. They rely on us to create once-in-a-lifetime moments and aww-inspiring events for their top salespeople earning GEM Club membership each year.
 The Future Is Now
 Planning for future GEM Club experiences starts years in advance. Our planning team vets anywhere from three to five locations, with hotel options and a variety of activities presented for each locale. ME was extremely excited when our client chose to go to Scotland’s Gleneagles Hotel in 2019. We were more than ready to take them to a new level of expectation, even with the challenges international travel for a large group entails. 
 No “I” in Team
 Through stellar partnerships with suppliers, Motivation Excellence is always able to offer the best of each experience to our clients’ participants. This was no exception in Scotland! Our destination management team, Spectra, enhanced every part of the program and allowed our ME team on-site to shine. Among Spectra’s biggest wins was helping find an inspired solution to space issue at Gleneagles when our group size increased after a corporate merger. “Game, set and match” for ME and our client!

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