Experience Argentina

Destination Consultants / Steelcase


Created, from scratch, an incentive travel product for a Fortune 1000 company that would increase sales by motivating dealers to qualify for the trip by selling more of a specific product line(s). The trip needed to draw attendance from dealers that had already been traveling on highly regarded existing trips with two other manufacturers. My client is the largest manufacturer in it's industry and needed this trip to be the BEST in the industry. The dealers had expressed interest in a trip that would allow flexibility and freedom to choose from a wide variety of activities. They would be enticed by a trip that was "somewhere they could never go on their own" and a trip that would offer smaller, curated experiences. My client asked for a destination in February, no more than 4 nights - that was warm BUT not typical warm weather places like Caribbean, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Mexico. They wanted a pre-trip for VIPs that was 2 nights and would happen before the large group so that the VIPs would share the amazing experience of being a top seller. I proposed and executed a trip to Buenos Aires with a pre trip choice of Mendoza and Bariloche. I was able to secure direct, overnight flights on American Airlines from Miami, JFK and Dallas. This allowed the group to have 4 nights and 6 days because flights arrive in the morning and depart in the evening. We were able to offer tours on arrival and departure day - we put together 15 different tours that were offered throughout the 6 days. We had 1,261 tour sign ups - survey results and feedback rated "Experience Argentina" as the "best trip" ever. The company reached their goal of dealer attendance, total attendee count came in at 227.

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