COUNTRY Financial Congress 2019



Sector Specific Event of the Year - Winner

COUNTRY Financial is in the midst of tremendous growth and some initiatives were proving to be a challenge as they kept up with the pace. For sales reps, it was about the little things they do everyday in order to foster the over one million relationships they have developed over time and continue to grow the business.

The objective was to create an opening experience and COUNTRY Financial Congress that was inclusive of all sales reps in small towns or big cities around the USA and reinforce what they need to do in the day-to-day for their clients, communities and families. It was critical that it fit their unique culture, reinforces who they are as a relationship building company and connect to why they are “Living Our Future” today in order to make tomorrow successful.

BI WORLDWIDE’s solution was to do something that has never been done before. They created a spectacular eye-popping opening experience using mixed reality, a combination of live performance actors and virtual animation, to demonstrate how sales reps are making a difference in all parts of the country from sunrise to sunset. A cast of 23 actors including three children and a dog played out a series of short scenes with no dialogue in front of virtual animated sets depicting COUNTRY reps engaging with customers, mentoring those in the community and spending time with families. 

A key marketing initiative for COUNTRY is their “Simple Steps to Financial Security” campaign so BI WORLDWIDE incorporated a custom song arrangement of Florida Georgia Line’s “Simple” using a live 8-piece orchestra and two vocalists to create an emotional connection to the campaign as well as the simple things reps need to do everyday to live out their future for COUNTRY.  

The COUNTRY clients said that they had so perfectly captured their culture in a way that they had never seen or even dreamed of and that every objective they hoped to accomplish in their time in Las Vegas was reached 100% and beyond. The client was also so thrilled with the experience overall and so captivated by the creative solution that their only words were “We are speechless. Nothing gets better than that.

“Exceptional use of technology, actors, and the space to create a very unique experience.”
“Lovely concept, and captivating opening sequence. Love the blend of digital with real life and the journey this opening video took the audience on.”
“Innovative integration of live action actors and animation, rapid, seamless movement and strong production quality, with scrims revealing diverse scenes."

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