AMP 2020

emc3 / Rapid7


Internal Communications Event of the Year

What would you do if your company rapidly expanded from a handful of people to 1,600+ in just a few years? Have a company kickoff? Make a kickass memorable event for your staff? 

Rapid7 is one of the fastest-growing cyber security companies in the world. They’ve just gone public and have rapidly multiplied in size. Now numbering 1600+ employees, most of the staff – travelling from 20+ countries around the world – would be meeting for the very first time, making this a monumental internal communications event for the business.

Rapid7 teamed up with emc3 for strategic consultancy, step-by-step creative direction, and final delivery of a large-scale two-day event, executed meticulously at each touch point.

Although Rapid7 has a strong internal events team, the sheer size of this endeavour, the intricate messaging they needed amplified across various content channels, and the level of interactive elements they required to engage their audiences, prompted Rapid7, for the first time, to partner with a full-service creative agency. 

This was a first-of-its-kind event for emc3, as well as for the client. They remained authentic to the brand, created bespoke interactive elements that involved incredible live music produced specifically for the event, and most importantly, they curated a life-altering experience for guests that they’ll be talking about years from now. In the words of Christina Luconi, CPO of Rapid7, They’ll talk about it to future hires. And they’ll never forget AMP 2020. 


“This entry shows a clear demonstration of a progressive use of technology and an event with complicated logistical components, event design and organisation. Well done!”

“From engaging the stakeholders from pre-event research all the way to the end of engaging with the stakeholders again for live feedback on future events. Great job!”

“Excellent program with clear direct impact against objectives, which is particularly impressive given the evolving landscape within the client organisation. Kudos!”

“Content and culture were beautifully aligned with the company's unique cultural footprint amplified through the event, particularly impressive given the client reorganisation shortly prior to the event.”

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