A60 Smart Ecosystem

Wilson Dow / Amway


Best Use of Technology - Winner

2019 marked the 60th Anniversary of the world’s number one direct selling company, Amway. Amway set out to craft an unforgettable week-long global event, called A60, to acknowledge and celebrate the successes of Amway Business Owners (ABOs). The result? Wilson Dow set world records and industry standards and explored future forward creative concepts that elevated the attendee experience from what’s expected to what’s next.

The event welcomed 3,468 Global ABOs representing 48 countries and spanning 23 languages. Technology was vital to meet the objective of providing a personalised, never-before-seen experience to attendees from so many nations, languages, and backgrounds.

To support this wide-ranging array of experiences, Wilson Dow crafted an intuitive meeting app as part of a larger digital strategy to deliver a more agile, responsive, and personal experience. The smart ecosystem facilitated passive and active data capture, informed interactions and recommendations, personal engagement triggers, moments of personal recognition, and frictionless social amplification across the social channels specific to each attendee.

This audience, which attends recognition events every year, felt engaged like never before. The digital experiences set a new standard for how ABOs can be recognised at events, and it generated countless social impressions for the brand. The resounding success of A60’s technology strategy alone compelled the organisation to rethink digital engagement across all major events.

From setting a world record for the most projection-mapped displays at a single venue, to Lady Gaga’s performance, to AR falcons flying overhead, Wilson Dow evoked feelings of excitement and wonder combining industry-leading technology with awe-inspiring creative storytelling.

“This is a solid entry, highlighted by a very high (84%) adoption rate of the mobile tech, considering that this type of ABO/partner audience doesn't necessarily embrace the latest mobile technology. The high engagement and posting numbers are what stand out in this submission.”

“Tech has clearly been woven throughout the event in various ways, and the interactive and amplification opportunities are particularly creative. Strong results.”

“Exceptional use of technology as an engagement enabler with Amway’s A60 event. From the integrations between proprietary technology and third party solutions to impressive use of technology combined with projection mapping in their general session. Plus, well-designed personas and audience segmentation ensuring targeted content. The design of the event complemented the technology and in turn both contributed to a powerful attendee experience.”

“Innovative and comprehensive use of technology. Impressive augmented reality, interactive wall and projection mapping."

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